kom ons bou saam aan die toekoms

24rs filling station,small business development hub,offices for new emerging businesses,if tourism is to be promoted succesfully,businesses that support tourism growth has to be in place,a 24hr filling station and small business hub is the beginning of this promotion....the hub will contain amongst others the automotive repairs and service parts center,catering facility,clothing store for Booties.com and a Steers franchise as well as the workers co op office.

Indoor sports center for youth development Hopland Sutherland

n binnenshuise sportkompleks word dringend benodig

in die Hopland om die kinders te help ontwikkel in sport.

Krieket,sokker en n binnenshuise swembad word beplan.

High school swiming pool repairs Sutherland

The swimming pool has been left

unused for a while and needs a few repairs to get it going again...raising funds would help.




Mechanical repairs and diagnostic center Sutherland

With the nearest registered repair centers being 240km away,there exists a dire need in Sutherland for an automotive repair and service center .....the farmers association,local police and private citizens of Sutherland have expressed their concerns over this need since costs are rising daily due to the distance involved when help is needed.

A joint venture between local business and government seems to be the sollution...we will post updates here to inform all on the progress made regarding.